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Service at home and abroad

Home:  Rotarians place strong emphasis on personal service to the community, and pride themselves on bringing the same degree of professionalism and integrity to their community work as to their occupation.


Through vocational projects they support job development, employment skills, literacy and numeracy training, and a range of work-related activities, as well as many environmental initiatives.



...and abroad

Many members also give community service overseas, particularly in third world countries where their professional skills are in great demand.  Some run eye camps, others are involved in educational and engineering projects - from providing text books for schools, to building water filtration units.


Teachers, engineers, health professionals, technicians and IT specialists bring vital expertise to poorer countries, helping people to help themselves in a spirit of enterprise and self-development.

All this is central to Rotary's commitment to fostering global goodwill and understanding, breaking down prejudice and promoting understanding of other cultures.