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What is Rotary

It is a worldwide organisation of more than 1.2 million business and professional people who are pledged to;

  • serve the community, locally, nationally and globally

  • promote the highest ethical standards in all areas of working life

  • work for peace and goodwill worldwide

Members & Meetings 

Each club must be representative of the local business and professional community, ensuring a proper balance across all sectors.

Fellowship and the exchange of ideas and experience through regular meetings are at the heart of Rotary's activities. 

Times of meetings can be flexible - breakfast, lunchtime or  evening.   

Meetings are held weekly and members make a commitment to attend 50 per cent of them either at their own club or at other clubs around the world. 

Because it's an international organisation, Rotarians are welcome at clubs throughout the world.  In Great Britain and Ireland alone there are close to 60,000 members in more than 1,800 clubs across the world.


Young Rotary  

There are three organisations created for young people, three organisations dedicated to service and international understanding.  Though closely associated with Rotary, their clubs are independent and self-governing. 


Rotakids is designed for anyone aged  6 - 11 years old, membership is found in primary and junior schools.  Run community and International projects.


Interact is designed for anyone aged 12-18 years old and membership is generally found in schools and community youth groups.  Once again the international nature of Rotary offers many opportunities for contact and exchange visits. 


Rotaract is for 18 to 30 year olds.  Both are rooted in the Rotary tradition of service to the community and run a range of local, national and international service projects.